Famous Firings Among Celebrities and Entrepreneurs

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/18/2012 04:13 PM ET

Famous drama that led to some of the most rememberable firings among celebrities. Sure, everyone loses their job, and you don't have to be a celebrity to get canned. However, some of the people on this list were entrepreneurs.

Steven Jobs - After founding Apple computers in the 1970's out of his garage and revolutionizing the personal computer industry, Jobs found the managing of a larger company required expertise beyond his time and ability. As such, he lured then Pepsi employee John Sculley to Apple as CEO. After a power struggle with the board of directors in 1985, Sculley fired Jobs.

This move made a ton of sense. The person who created the personal computer and the culture of innovation at the company was apparently not a culture fit for the company anymore. After a series of product flops, Sculley was himself replaced when Jobs returned in 1996. People have occassionally noticed Apple product from time to time in the streets and on store shelves since the return of Steven Jobs.

David Letterman - Breaking into TV on Indianapolis station WTWI, Letterman was allegedly fired for describing hailstones as "the size of canned hams," possibly cited as a second behavioral abberation after congratulating a "tropical storm" on its upgrade to a "hurricane." He apparently did not learn his lesson from an earlier sacking at Ball State's campus radio station WBST, for treating classical music with irreverence.

Former Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz was, according to an email she sent out to her employees, fired over the phone by Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock, who later stepped down.

Kate Gosselin was recently fired from her blogging gig at CouponCabin. While a specific reason wasn't stated why the mom of eight was let go, a message from CouponCabin's CEO has strong implications regarding the former reality TV star.

JK Rowling - Author of the moderately successful "Harry Potter Books," Rowling was apparently fired from her job as a secretary for using company time to write her books. According to her former boss "Rowlings use of company time and computers to pursue personal ambitions is tanatamount to stealing," and added "We made the right decision to sack her, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her come crawling back here for her old job once this Harry Potter thing blows over."

For the record, she hasn't been back.

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