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By: , NewsOXY Reporter
12/14/2011 05:05 PM ET

Unclaimed means free money, and most people have no idea that a search tool exists on the Internet to locate any money that might belong to them. Some of the unclaimed funds could be as little as 50 cents to thousands of dollars. We don't know if anyone has become a millionaire from this, but you never know.

It has been estimated that one and every 10 people have funds waiting for them. Make that $32 billion just sitting in some government warehouse. The government doesn't have extra resources to track each person down who might have money that's been unclaimed for years.

However some states are doing something about it.

Missouri is working to give back those millions of dollars to their rightful owners. The state has already been able to return over $103 million to some of those people. One person is going to be surprised with the biggest amount of unclaimed money in history.

A Kansas City woman, remaining anonymous, will receive a check for $6.1 million. Apparently years ago ancestors of hers had stock in a obscure company that got passed down through generations. As it was Passed down it was forgotten about, yet still grew in it's worth.

While this was the biggest payout over 330,000 others have received money. Some include, a man in St. Joseph Mo., who received $100,000 complied from 15 different security accounts. In the past other large unclaimed money accounts have arisen. New York state, previous record holders, returned $4 million and Wisconsin once returned $1.5 million to a single person.

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Free Unclaimed Money Search

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