GM Lays Off Mr. Goodwrench As Automaker Ends A Legend

GM Lays Off Mr. Goodwrench After 36 Years Of Promoting Automobile Service And Parts.

GM lays off Mr. Goodwrench as automaker ends a legend. Mr. Goodwrench is the latest unemployed victim as GM lays off a legendary icon. It’s a sign of the times for the automobile industry, and General Motors isn’t pulling any punches.

General Motors announced that they will be dropping the Goodwrench name from its dealership auto service and repair programs. Instead, in more traditional fashion, dealership service customers will be treated to Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac Certified Service. “This is more than a name change, it is a declaration of our commitment to raise the bar on the ownership experience,” Steve Hill, General Motors vice president for North American parts and service, said in a statement.

The automaker has been working to put more emphasis on its remaining four automotive brands, and less on their common corporate ownership. General Motors will begin phasing out the Goodwrench name in February. The name was introduced in 1974.

“He was originally a nerdy, ’70s kind of guy,” GM spokeswoman Pam Flores stated. “Mr.” was dropped from Mr. Goodwrench in the 1990s, when the brand name changed Goodwrench Service Plus.” The character was re-introduced in 2008 with a more-polished, handsome image reflecting the modern nature of auto service.

The new auto service involves more technology and less grease. Recently, GM introduced an iPhone application that works with the automaker’s OnStar branded remote services system. On the iPhone, the application will carry the badge of the owner’s car brand — Chevrolet or Buick, for instance — alongside with a smaller OnStar badge.

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