Highest-Paying Jobs

By: Bill Waters - Staff Writer
Published: Mar 13, 2021

Highest-Paying Jobs. The highest-paying careers and jobs that come with some great benefits in America. These positions are so good, you might want to make a career change.

While your ideal career should primarily be something that interests you, you would do well to check out the pay, type of education required, number of jobs available and years of experience required for the position.

With the help of online salary database and career site PayScale, we have compiled a list of 10 high-paying jobs that scored the best when considering all of these factors together.

Civil Engineer - $80,000. If designing functional, necessary components such as roads, bridges, buildings or airports interests you, civil engineering might be right up your alley.

Nurse Anesthetist - $156,000. These registered nurses specialize in administering anesthesia and monitoring patients who are recovering from anesthesia.

Physician Assistant - $92,000. Physician’s assistants, or PAs, practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor or surgeon. They work as part of a healthcare team and, unlike medical assistants, are able to examine and treat patients, and make diagnoses.

Construction Estimator - $68,000. Construction estimators do just what their title suggests - they create cost estimates for construction companies based on materials, labor, location and projected timelines.

Actuary - $133,000. Do you love statistics? Actuaries do. They evaluate and quantify the likelihood of events, and apply that knowledge to help minimize losses to companies.

Project Manager, Construction - $90,000. While a construction estimators are self-employed. It only requires the most years of experience.

Management Consultant - $117,000. Companies will hire a management consultant to improve their systems, efficiency and overall profits.

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