Hooters Girl Weight Probation

Hooters girl weight probation. Hooters waitress Cassandra Smith, 20, is on work probation because of her weight even though she’s thin. It’s another case where a restaurant employee is taking legal action against the company for possible discrimination.

“I was confused because I don’t wear the biggest uniform size,” Smith said in a statement. “I’m not overweight by any means… If anything… I’ve been losing weight.” According to her general manager, she’s too heavy to work as one of their servers, even though the girl stands 5 foot 8 inches tall and actually weighs 132 pounds.

It all started when she received her annual evaluation last week, and she was asked to attend a meeting on a conference call with Hooters of America, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting started out wonderful, and she was complimented for her excellent reviews, customer satisfaction, and her cooperation with co-workers. However, she was told by the company that she received the lowest rating for her “uniform fitting” and must do something to reduce the extra pounds.

The resolution to her size problem, according to the restaurant, was to go on immediate probation and attend a free gym membership. The free gym membership was good for 30 days, but she had to comply within 60 days, or she would lose her employment. However, the company said the allegations aren’t true and no Hooters employee has been counseled about their physical size.

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