​How Do I Dispute Items On My Credit Report - FICO​​

By: | 03/12/2021 10:27 AM ET

How Do I Dispute Items On My Credit Report - You should use a dispute letter for credit bureaus, especially when it’s important to correct your report and items that may contain inaccuracies. Consumers can question information about their file online or by letter. Always remember that these agencies agencies are responsible for correcting any errors.

When you find something incorrect, you should alert, in writing, both the credit bureau and the information provider. This is the process to question items on an agency’s credit file. If you have statements or canceled checks that support your claim, or any other documentation, include copies of them with your statement.

Keeping your report up to date is also very important because inaccuracies can impact your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score. It contains information on how you pay your bills on time. In addition, it will include any collections or debts that you might owe.

Your file is reviewed by a bank whenever you submit a loan application. If, for some reason, your information is reported incorrectly, it could cause you to be denied for services for which you would otherwise would have been approved. This is why it’s very important to check it periodically and dispute any errors.

When you dispute items, the bureau has 30 days to investigate and respond to you, in writing, with the results of the investigation. Any data you provided about the inaccuracy of the information will be forwarded to the original provider. The provider is then required to investigate and respond with documents supporting their claim that’s been reported.

If the claim is not supported, the agency will either delete or update the item on file.