​How To Throw A Great Retirement Party - Advice​​

By: | 03/23/2013 11:39 AM ET

How To Throw A Great Retirement Party - Most people would love a party to celebrate their retirement and to thank co-workers who have been great during their career. We have a few ideas on just how to throw one.

One of the first elements to consider is the location. It can be held at a restaurant, a local club or at someone’s home or backyard. To decide on a location, you may first want to consider how many people will be invited.

If it’s a larger crowd, you may want to think about an indoor or outdoor, depending on the season of year. The easiest way, and usually the most common, is to have the party at the office if it’s a small gathering. If not, you can rent a banquet hall at a local restaurant.

Keep in mind that a guest list can grow quickly so be sure to decide whether guests are allowed to bring spouses and children. You may wish to arrange for a babysitter at the event so those with children can bring them or allow guests to make these arrangements on their own. The number of guests may also depend on the party’s budget.

Try to make this party planning a group effort so that others don’t complain. Involve as many people as possible and share the responsibilities. This should definitely be a group effort and a great way to brainstorm ideas for what’s best for the retiree.

Make a list of the tasks and delegate or ask everyone how they would like to contribute. Keep track of who is responsible for what task and set deadlines for completion.

A retirement party should be memorable and fun. To get decoration ideas for retirement parties, head to your local drugstore or party store. They should have party supplies that you can use for decorations. Although, balloons, streamers and a nice assortment of appetizers, food and cake are a given, you might want to add a few special and unique retirement party ideas.

Gather some photographs of the retiree throughout the years and enlarge a few into poster-size copies. Posters can be made inexpensively at many “quick print” locations. “Frame” the photos by pasting them onto slightly larger sheets of brightly-colored construction paper and hang them throughout the party room.

In addition to these photo ideas, print a few quotes (either from the guest of honor or choose famous quotes that you find especially meaningful) on nice paper. Frame and hang them as you did with the photographs.

Not everyone wants to make a speech, but some will. Try to welcome the guests with a pre-written speech highlighting the accomplishments of the retiree. Be sure to tell a little about the person’s career path, beginning with their very first teenage job.

Include the guest of honor’s many endeavors, and then let your focus shift to the upcoming opportunities that their retirement may hold.

Good luck with your party and remember, retirement only happens once.