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Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems To Offer Enterprise Solutions

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems in an effort to boost their enterprise portfolio. The $7.4 billion deal will offer customers a full suite of applications and components.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Offers Better Fuel Economy

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee was unveiled at the New York Auto Show. The new SUV promises to deliver 19 percent better fuel economy.

Unclaimed Baggage Costs Airlines $3.8 Million Annually

Unclaimed baggage can be a nightmare for both the airlines and owners of lost luggage. More than 40 million bags never reach their desired destination each year.

AT&T Strike Prompts Unions To Work Past Deadline

AT&T strike officially started over the weekend after union members failed to reach an agreement. Employees are now working under old agreements in an effort to keep phone service running.

Google Twitter Talks May Spark New Google Services For Twitter Users

Google Twitter talks about a new possible acquisition or partnership is buzzing on the Internet. Facebook wanted to buy the growing website but couldn't come to an agreement.

Ritz Camera Closes Stores Over Bankruptcy Reorganization

Ritz Camera will close nearly 50 percent of its stores in an effort to reorganize. The company will shut down 300 stores nationwide while liquidating inventory.

Red Plum Smart Source Coupons Unveil Free Products

Red Plum and Smart Source coupons are usually printable online to use in grocery stores. You could be saving up to 40 percent using Publix weekly ads or specials at Winn-Dixie.

AT&T Becomes FEMA's Primary Wireless Carrier For Mobile Phones

AT&T Mobility announced it will furnish FEMA workers with RIM BlackBerry mobile phones and laptop wireless devices as part of a $50 million solution award. The smartphones will be powered by AT&T's nationwide EDGE network while its laptop cards will connect to its Wi-Fi LaptopConnect service

Verizon Wireless Wins Cybersquatting Judgement

Verizon Wireless won a $33 million judgement against a technology firm for cybersquatting. It is the largest cybersquatting case ever awarded for registering Internet domain names after company trademarks.

IBM Makes $6.5 Billion Cash Offer To Buy Sun Microsystems

IBM is in talks with Sun Microsystems for $6.5 billion in cash which surprised some financial analysts. The potential deal sent shares soaring as much as 64 percent.

Apple Steve Jobs Absence Prompts Shareholders To Question

Apple's Steve Jobs will not attend the shareholder meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Shareholders are now questioning the absence.

Yahoo Earnings Tumble After Fourth Quarter Reported Loss

Yahoo reported a $303 million loss on Tuesday but did meet Wall Street expectations on sales. While the revenue loss is crucial, many financial analysts thought the company was deeper in the red.

AT&T Mobile To Provide BlackBerry Devices For FEMA

AT&T Mobile will become FEMA's primary carrier and provider of BlackBerry devices. The company will provide the EDGE network for FEMA workers. The devices also include connectivity for laptops.

Sprint Nextel Downsizing Affects 8,000 Jobs

Sprint Nextel announces a workforce reduction of approximately 8,000 jobs in an effort to downsize and reduce labor costs. The wireless carrier plans to cutback labor costs on all levels of the company while its geographic locations will change.

Verizon Wireless Wins Internet Domain Cybersquatting Case

Verizon Wireless won a $33 million judgement against a technology firm that was registering Internet domain names after company trademarks. It is the largest cybersquatting case ever awarded.

Microsoft Cuts 5,000 Jobs Following Low Earnings Report

Microsoft announced it will slash up to 5,000 jobs and will make other cost management initiatives. The software giants unveiled a huge loss following its fiscal second quarter earnings report.

Seagate Technology Reports Net Loss Of $496 Million

Seagate Technology on Wednesday reported a net loss of $496 million for its fiscal second quarter results. The technology company sold 37 million disk drive units generating $2 billion in sales.

Apple Reports Best Quarterly Earnings In History

Apple announces best quarterly earnings in history with $10 billion in revenue and a net quarterly profit of nearly $2 billion. The technology company sold more than 2 million Macintosh computers, 23 million iPods, and over 4 million iPhone 3G mobile devices.

Panasonic Plasma and LCD Head Promoted to Executive Vice President

Panasonic has advanced Robert Perry to Executive Vice President to direct company sales, marketing and product merchandising. Perry was Vice President of VIERA Plasma and LCD products prior to the promotion.

China Convicts Microsoft Pirate Ring

The Chinese government has convicted a ring of Microsoft pirate software leaders to six and a half years in prison. The counterfeiters made $2 billion selling fake software.

Microsoft Workforce Reduction Hasn't Happened Yet

Microsoft has been the target for rumors and recent gossip as reports suggest it will cut more than 15,000 jobs by January 15. Our sources tell us that the job cuts are with contractors and vendors.

Verizon Wins Big Internet Domain Case

Verizon has been granted a $33 million judgement against a technology firm that was registering Internet domain names after company trademarks. It is the largest cybersquatting case ever awarded.

RIM BlackBerry Sues Motorola Over Workers

Research In Motion has filed a lawsuit against Motorola for improperly blocking employees to work for the BlackBerry maker. RIM said Motorola is practicing unfair competition.

Apple Ends Macworld Participation Without CEO Keynote

Apple exits from Macworld and questions still remain about the health of CEO Steve Jobs. The company is moving away from all trade shows in general.

CBS Cuts Jobs at CNET and Gamespot

CBS's interactive division will begin cutting jobs at its CNet Networks in San Francisco. The company purchased CNet in July for $1.8 billion.

OPEC Plans Oil Production Cuts To Drive Up Gas Prices

OPEC set to cut oil production by 2 million barrels in an effort to drive up gas prices. The price of oil recently plunged below $45 per barrel.

Sony BMG Settles COPPA Suit

Sony BMG Music Entertainment has agreed to pay one million dollars. The Federal Trade Commission said the company collected personal information online from children under the age of 13.

Intel Shares Upgraded Despite Growing Concerns

Intel shares were upgraded on Thursday by a ThinkEquity analyst. The chip maker still has a rough road ahead and has lowered its fourth-quarter projections.

Yahoo Shareholder Recommends Microsoft Acquisition

Yahoo shareholders have been coming out ever since it turned down Microsoft's $46 billion bid last May. One distinctive shareholder is now asking Yahoo to sell its search engine to Microsoft. Microsoft walked away from talks with Yahoo last summer.

Sony Reduces Workforce by 8,000 Jobs Amid Global Economic Crunch

Sony plans to reduce its workers by 10 percent and cut expenditures by 30 percent. The electronics manufacturer is facing tougher times in the global economic downturn. Sony also plans to shift manufacturing to low-cost countries.

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