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iPhone Explodes In Flight Becoming Second Incident In A Month

11/30/2011 09:15 PM ET

iPhone Explodes Flight - An Apple iPhone explodes during a flight in Australia, glowing red hot with a “significant amount” of dense smoke. The incident is the second reported problem of its kind this month. The problem might be linked to an upgrade to the latest iOS version 5 software.

It’s not the first time electronic devices have exploded or caught fire. Numerous incidents have occurred over the past decade including Dell laptops catching fire, a journalist’s LG phone catching fire and Sony Australia recalling 4300 laptops from its Vaio TZ series due to fears they could overheat, damaging the machines and potentially burning users.

In 2009 iPhone users in France also reported similar incidents.

The incident involving a passenger’s iPhone 4 glowing red hot occurred on board Regional Express flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney last Friday after landing, the airline reported.

The second incident, which Fairfax Media was made aware of by an anonymous reader, allegedly happened on November 3 when their iPhone 3GS also combusted. The reader provided pictures as evidence.

“My iPhone was expanding in size in terms of its width,” the anonymous reader said. “[It] continued to grow in size. Before long the phone refused to even turn on and … just expanded to what it looks like now.”

The reader noted that, like others, their battery life “was rapidly shrinking after updating to the iOS5 …. so much so that it would go completely flat once I got to 30 per cent”. Apple acknowledged battery life issues remained after another update.

The reader suspected there was a clear link between their upgrade to the iOS5 software and their battery “exploding”.

They said that what was “even worse” was the fact that Apple requested $89 for their 3GS to be fixed. “I’m the person who lost all their contacts, all my saved university files, all my photos - and now I’m the one whose being asked to fork out the dollars to get it fixed. Are you kidding me?”

In an emailed statement, Apple Australia spokeswoman Fiona Martin said the company was looking “forward to working with officials” investigating the first incident.

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