​Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Biggest Split​​

November 15, 2021

Jean-Claude Van Damme is good at what he does as an action-film stuntman, but now he’s got a new job as a truck salesman, by doing a split between two Volvo trucks in a new commercial.

“The Muscles from Brussels” is looking as limber as ever in the advertisement, where he performs a never before seen stunt at age 53.

It begins on Van Damme’s face, pulling out to reveal that he’s standing on top of the side view mirrors of two Volvo semis travelling in reverse on an airplane runway in Spain.

As they slowly back up, the trucks move away from each other, spreading the martial artist’s legs apart until he is in one of his signature full splits as the trucks continue driving into the sunset.

Appropriately titled “The Epic Split,” Volvo says the advertisement is the real deal and that while some safety equipment was digitally removed, no computer trickery is involved in the actual stunt, at least not on camera.

The feat was designed to demonstrate the company’s new dynamic steering system, which is electronically assisted to deliver control for its big rigs that’s apparently unparalleled, so to speak.

Music video director Andreas Nilsson directed the commercial, using Enya’s “Only Time” as the soundtrack.

Its lyric, “Who can say where the road goes?” very fitting for someone in the stunt man’s position as the camera fades to black.