Jobs With Highest Turnover

Jobs with highest turnover statistics. You’ll be surprised at what jobs actually have the highest turnover because they all deal with customers. As the U.S. economy begins to pick up, many people will be looking for other opportunities.

Fast-food workers are the most turnover. Quick-service food joints that get you in and out on the cheap generally don’t keep workers for long. Many of them earn the federal minimum wage of $7.25 while overhead expenses for small business owners remain about the same.

Low-level retail jobs are hard to keep. Stores constantly have to staff the floors and the trend has been moving toward doing so with more part-timers. In fact, the average for part-time positions is about 100 percent to 110 percent for a full year while full-time positions have about 60 percent turnover.

Parking is the bane of many urban-dwellers’ existence. Nothing can set them off like a costly ticket left by a vigilant meter reader, making working conditions less than optimal. The job also rates low on prestige, pay and other social considerations that set workers up for burnout.

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