McLobster Sandwich On Menu (PHOTOS)

McLobster Sandwich. McLobster is the latest fast-food sandwich that has the Internet buzzing with rumors. Like the McRib, is the elusive sandwich real, and are the rumors true about its availability?

There are rumors that the fast food giant has released the newest sandwich to its mix called the McLobster. After a Big Mac, McRib, and a host of other Mc’s, it was bound to happen. The trouble with the rumor is that the sandwich is not really new at all.

In fact, the manufactured sandwich purporting to contain 100% lobster meat has been a staple item in the New England area and in Canada for quite some time. It appears that the savvy brass and product development team at McDonald’s had a desire to ride the coat tails of the McRib’s success.

Fans of that elusive sandwich always fall victim to the comings and goings of the processed pork sandwich, sopped with special savory sauce, and made to look like a half-rack of baby-backs. The McLobster is no exception.

The current rumor about the sandwich is that it’s coming to a McDonald’s near you. So what does that mean? It means if you’re a fan of lobster, or of a sandwich that was created to resemble the meat of the coveted bottom dweller, have at it.

One site describes the McLobster as a concoction that resembles regurgitated meat, laced with mayo that is made to look like a lobster salad. It all comes stuffed inside a hot dog bun, is served with fries, and comes with the obligatory beverage.

The jury is still out on the coming of the sandwich to your neighborhood, but if it’s anything like the McRib, it could turn out to be a McFake to the naysayers.

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