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Mercedes Use Of Che Guevara Photo

01/13/2012 06:58 PM ET

Mercedes Che Guevara - Mercedes appears to have made an era in judgement for using the world famous photo of Marxist and Cuban Revolutionist, Che Guevara as part of an ad presentation with the Mercedes Logo replacing the communist star on his beret.

The company has drawn the ire of many Cuban Americans, for the use of the 1960 Alberto Korda photo.

The photo was used during a presentation at the Consumer Electronic’s Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Daimler’s Mercedes head, Dieter Zetsche was on stage giving a presentation with two Mercedes vehicles when the photo was displayed briefly on a large backdrop with the words “Viva la revolucion” and was used to promote a new ride-share initiative.

Zetsche announced, that some “still think that car-sharing borders on communism. But if that’s the case, viva la revolution.”

But many Cuban-Americans know Che Guevara as a cold blooded murder who aided Fidel Castro over though the Cuban government in the 60′s.

One Cuban exile, who aided the CIA to track down Guevara in Bolivia after the revolution, had actually owned 3 Mercedes and was ready to buy another, but posted on the Mercedes website, “I know who Che Guevara was and he was a criminal, a murderer and a person who hated the United States of America.”

Adding, “I’ll never buy a Mercedes-Benz again and I am telling my friends to do the same.”

On Thursday, Daimler Mercedes issued an apology through a statement, In his keynote speech, “Zetsche addressed the revolution in automobiles enabled by new technologies, in particular those associated with connectivity. To illustrate this point, the company briefly used a photo of Guevara. Daimler was not condoning the life or actions of this historical figure or the political philosophy he espoused. We sincerely apologize to those who took offense.”

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