Monika Samaan Wins KFC $8M Verdict

By: | 04/30/2012 01:32 PM ET

Monika Samaan has been awarded $8 million in a verdict against KFC that has drawn international news coverage, not just for the case, but also for the injuries she revealed in her suit. A

A jury found that Monika became brain-damaged after eating a chicken wrap made by the fast-food restaurant chain.

The case originated in Sydney, Australian. In 2005, Samaan and her family visited a local KFC and ordered a chicken wrap. They shared it.

But unbeknownst to the family, the wrap was filled with salmonella.

Samaan quickly suffered salmonella poisoning and went into a coma. She never recorded full use of her brain and will never speak again.

When she suffered the injuries, Monika was just seven years old.

The court awarded the family $8 million.

KFC plans to appeal that ruling.

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