Unemployed Nevada Nation's Highest Jobless State

By: Jennifer Hong
Staff Writer
Published: Jun 21, 2021

Nevada is now the highest jobless state in America.

Nevada nation's highest jobless state and business is slower. If you think your state is bad, ask Nevada residents where they have the nation's highest unemployment and jobless rate in the nation. Nevada reveals a sign of the times as it deals with the highest unemployment numbers in decades.

"It's Harry's fault," most Republicans have said, but this time the GOP could be right. Sen. Harry Reid and his Democratic colleagues in Congress are still spending money. Moreover, President Barack Obama has plans for more spending that is sinking the United States further into debt.

Until this month, state residents could take at least a small amount of solace in the fact that things were even worse in Michigan, which was hard hit by the troubles of the automobile industry. However, things have changed, and the state is now No. 1, with a 14 percent unemployment rate in May. With only five months until the next election, you can already hear the voters pulling levers for the Republican ticket.

Highest unemployment rate means voters will seek a big change in government. In fact, it's not just Nevada, but it's in every state. Politicians will say that the unemployment problem is complicated, but Americans can understand spending, and some of that spending is going towards government jobs and not the private sector.