Outrageous Firings From Things People Did

There are a few outrageous firings based on things people did. Some of these firings are so outrageous that it will make your jaw drop. We have a list of things to avoid this year so that you can actually keep your job.

In the current economy, we are sure everyone wants to hang on to the job they have. Sometimes there is nothing you can do if your boss decides he or she is going to fire you. Sometimes it can be done for the right reasons (such as getting fired for lying on a resume, getting fired over an important project gone wrong) and sometimes the wrong reasons.

Could you imagine being fired for wearing a tie or a hat? Well, it has happened. Let’s explore some of the other outrageous firings that have happened in the past. Makes you wonder how to not get fired!

Fired for Being Old - We all hear it’s hard to get a new job when you are too old. At Atlantic cities Resorts Casino Hotel a group of Atlantic City cocktail waitress was fired for being too old, allegedly. Apparently the establishment had put in some new sexy open back uniforms related to the success of HBO show Boardwalk Empire and the elder ladies didn’t look as good as the management had wanted.

EMT fired for criticizing boss on Facebook - Facebook should be your own private place right? Well Dawnmarie Souza was fired after she said something along the lines of “love how the company allows a 17 to become a supervisor” on her Facebook page. The National Labor Relations board EMT Facebook firing thing hit the media and luckily the firing decision was eventually overturned.

Wearing a Packers Tie - There is no doubt that one of the most outrageous firings of all time happened in the Midwest. A Chicago man was fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie blew the countries mind. I guess they take their Bears too seriously.

By: Jennifer Hong
Published: Jun 20, 2021
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