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Powerball Winner Buys Six 1 Million Tickets

05/12/2021 05:31 PM ET

Arizona Powerball officials say that a gas station has sold 6 one million dollar winners from the same drawing that occurred last week after similar luck happened at a Virginia truck stop in early April.

Powerball Winner

It does not look as though one person alone had all 6 tickets sold at a QuikTrip convenience store. One ticket has already been cashed in while the other 5 have yet to be claimed. Arizona Lottery spokesperson Karen Bach said they were unsure if the 5 unclaimed winners were from one individual or not.

“What we do know is that these were not Quick Pick tickets,” said Bach. “They were individually selected numbers on a play slip or, in this case, multiple play slips.”

“We can’t speculate,” Bach told local station KTVK. “We do not know who has those tickets in their possession. Until they redeem them we have no way of knowing.”

The owner of the QuikTrip store is also set to receive a $30,000 bonus from the lottery commission for selling the 6 one million dollar tickets. In all, officials say that there were 8 total one million dollar winners out of the drawing, across the country.


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