​Starbucks Smoking Ban Policy Expands To 25 Feet​​

June 2, 2021

Starbucks has always had a policy against people who smoke, but now all customers will have to extinguish their cigarettes farther away before approaching the cafe.

Starbucks Smoking Ban

The Seattle-based chain says it will start the new policy, which has been extended to 25 feet of its stores, where permitted by its leases.

Starbucks spokeswoman Jaime Lynn Riley says the intent is to expand the indoor no-smoking policy to the outdoor seating areas.

“If there were any concerns, we would hope to resolve it amicably.” Riley said, referring to a customer who might be smoking within the restricted area.

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20,891 stores in 62 countries. Since Starbucks’ founding in 1971 in Seattle as a local coffee bean roaster and retailer, the company has expanded rapidly.

Since 1987, the company has opened on average two new stores every day. The first store outside the United States or Canada opened in the mid-1990s, now overseas stores make up almost one third of Starbucks’ stores.

Starbucks has always wanted to be a retailer with a conscience. In 1999, Starbucks started “Grounds for your Garden” to make its business environmentally friendlier. Stores provide leftover coffee grounds free to anyone requesting them for composting. In 2004, Starbucks began reducing the size of its paper napkins and store garbage bags.

As a result it lightened its solid waste production 1,800,000 pounds. Starbucks began using 10% recycled paper in its cups in 2004, which it claimed was the first time recycled material had been used in a product that came into direct contact with a food or beverage.

The new rule will apply to the 7,000 cafes owned and operated by Starbucks Corp., regardless of whether they have outdoor seating areas. The policy shouldn’t cause a big difference in many areas that already ban smoking within a certain distance of a business entrance.