Stealth Ford Police Interceptor Concept

Stealth Ford Police Interceptor concept. Stealth Ford Police Interceptor is a concept car based on the sedan with a new wicked level. The Interceptor may be where this car originated, but the SR-71- the original stealth airplane, is what inspired the Ford police car to become so much more.

Stealth Ford Police Interceptor Concept

The exterior of the vehicle says it all with its solid black paint job, mesh grille from the original Interceptor, and its aggressive spoiler with matching black bead lights. Even the area around the lights get blacked out to add to the flow of the vehicle, only becoming apparent when illuminated. Under the hood, Ford kept the same 3.5-liter V6 engine as found in the original Interceptor, so no boost in power for this airplane inspired ride.

The Stealth Interceptor will produce the same 280 hp and will still have E85 compatibility. “The headliner is black, we wrapped the B-pillars in black, and then we started looking at, ‘Where can I hide this? How can I conceal this?’ We repackaged the console – it looks like a production console with the waterfall of the instrument panel. But when you start opening doors and panels, that’s when you see everything.”

We hate to be the ones to burst anyone’s bubble, but this vehicle will be just about anything but stealth. With all of the tricked out rides out there, and the fact that a lot of tuned up super machines also feature a matte black paint job, this vehicle will be the first thing people notice. Police will be testing the Ford Stealth Interceptor soon.

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