​Target Apologizes for Editing Model in Photoshop​​

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March 13, 2021

Target apologizes for photoshop fiasco of unrealistic pictures of girl’s bathing suit. The Target images were laughable to most people, which started when the model in the ad appeared with a thigh gap.

Target admits photoshop ad

The gaping space between her legs caught the attention of many people, which is a worrying body trend among teenage girls.

Target Admits Photoshop Attempt

The photoshop attempt failed miserably because the extends into the model’s pelvis in the bathing suit the ad aims to sell. It is an apparent slip of the Photoshop eraser.

“It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” Target spokesman Evan Miller told ABCNews.com. “We removed the image from the site and we’re working to get a new image up there.”

Several bloggers captured the Photoshop fail before the image was removed.

“If it weren’t part of an ongoing attempt to mold unrealistic bodies in fashion marketing, it would almost be funny,” The Ethical Adman wrote on his blog.

The Target model was also missing part of her hip and ribcage.