Target Spain Flag Shirt Pulled

Target Spain flag shirt pulled from retail stores. The shirt, with a Spain fascist flag on it, was being sold at Target until the retail store learned that it was a throwback to the controversial General Francisco Franco. The shirt had a Spain flag on it revealing a regime that was notorious for human-rights abuses.

“We certainly apologize for any discomfort or offense this shirt may have caused,” spokesman Joshua Thomas said in a statement. “The shirt is not a Target brand, he added, but is exclusive to the store.” The offensive T-shirt had the word “SPAIN”, a small Spanish flag and a World Cup emblem.

The flag was last displayed in Spain in 1978. It represents the era of General Franco, who is the man most linked to the army’s victory in the Spanish Civil War. During the 30 years under the rule of Francisco Franco, his army executed hundreds of thousands of political enemies.

Those executed included a poet, Federico Garcia, Lorca, and many other innocent people. His flag and its slogan ‘One Great and One Free’ are now banned in Spain because of his widespread abuse of basic human rights. The retail chain will be accepting these shirts back for a full refund. However, they will probably be ending up on E-Bay soon as a collector’s item.

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