​Time Warner Passwords Hacked: Customers Asked To Change Passwords After Online Phishing Scheme Unveiled

Time Warner Passwords Hacked
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Jan. 10, 2016

Time Warner passwords hacked using malware and phishing schemes for cable network services. Time Warner Cable Inc announced that up to 320,000 customers could have had their email and password details stolen, according to FOX News.

Quite literally, every day someone gets hacked. Whether that’s a telecommunications company such as Time Warner having its customer passwords stolen, or another chain of businesses being ripped for all the credit cards it processes, today one hack just seems to melt into another.

Time Warner passwords hacked from phishing emails

The cable company said that no evidence of a breach was found in the company’s systems. Instead, the details may have been obtained by directly targeting customers themselves, perhaps through phishing emails or malware, or by reusing credentials obtained via a data breach of another company.

Data on the Time Warner passwords hacked incident has been sent to the FBI. The investigation put the spotlight on customers’ email addresses and passwords found in the wild, a clear indication of the compromise.

“Approximately 320,000 customers across our markets could be impacted by this situation,” Eric Mangan, director of public relations of Time Warner, said in a statement. “To protect the security of these customers, we are sending emails and direct mail correspondence to encourage them to update their email password as a precaution.” Mangan added that customers with “Roadrunner” email accounts-which have the RR.com domain in their address-are particularly at risk.

Comcast, another internet service provider, also recently warned users about a compromise of 590,000 customer logins after it found that passwords were hacked. At the time, a vendor selling the dump on the dark web provided Motherboard with a sample of data that proved legitimate, although security news site CSO Online reported only 200,000 of the credentials were active.

Comcast also suffered a data breach last year

As things stand, Time Warner Cable is reaching out to customers to pass on the much-needed advice of changing passwords. Mangan revealed that Time Warner is corresponding to customers directly via mail and email to encourage customers to change their passwords.

Time Warner isn’t the only cable company to be targeted by malicious hackers amassing cable customers’ data. The company’s password troubles come not long after it was revealed that a massive trove of personal data that eerily contained email addresses and passwords of hundreds of thousands of Comcast customers was put up for sale on a darknet website. The Time Warner passwords hacked was available for $1000.

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