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By: | 03/15/2013 09:16 AM ET

What Is The Secret To Saving Money - It can be difficult to put money away, but saving it is one of the most important tasks in life and there’s really no secret about it. You must learn what expenses to cut, or to keep, in order to maintain a balanced monthly budget. If you want full control of your finances, you must monitor your spending and eliminate any features or luxury items that you don’t need.

What Is The Secret To Saving Money

Everyone should be planning for the future and should always cut back on wasteful spending. Your retirement years are approaching, and it’s going to take more cash to fund the next generation of people who leave the workforce. If you don’t have a plan, such as a 401k or IRA, you need to have that dreaded talk with your financial advisors.

The secret to a successful financial future is this: save a portion of your money for later retirement. This isn’t an option. When you get paid, you need to pay yourself, because no one else is going to help you during your golden years. You have to plan now.

The recommended amount is about 10 percent of your income. Put it away and forget about it. It will save you in the future.

Living off of Social Security is highly unlikely. The program has a lot of uncertainties that have millions of Americans worried. Depend only on your 10 percent share - make sure you invest it wisely.

Ask yourself this question: “Do I really need luxury items?” I meet a lot of people who say they’re broke and don’t have a dime to save, but somehow, they’ve got the willpower to order that complete sports package for their TVs. How did that happen?

Managing your money is one secret to financial security. Treat your home like a business and only pay for what you need, while saving all that valuable income by paying yourself a 10 percent salary. Of course, separating your “needs” from your “wants” is always up for debate.