​Why Are Gas Prices Going Up? AAA Blames High Cost Of Crude​​

​Why Are Gas Prices Going Up

Why are gas prices going up? The cost to fill your tank is getting expensive, again. For example, filling up in Burlington, Vermont, could cost you $3.82 a gallon and if you’re not paying more at the pump, get ready.

There’s been a 30 cent increase in gas prices in recent weeks. But why?

The reasons are many, according to the experts. One big factor is the temporary shutdown of a half dozen refineries around the country, including two in the Chicago area.

Another is the purchase of gas from our neighbor to the north.

“As of right now we’re getting a bit more from Canada. It’s a bit more expensive,” said Gail Weinholzer of AAA in Minneapolis

Weinholzer also said the price of crude on the world oil market has risen from $92 a barrel to $97 because our economy is improving, and the demand for gas is going up.

“So the good news is we’re seeing some positive economic news. The bad news is, it’s costing us more at the pump,” Weinholzer said.

Prices in the Twin Cities are now in the $3.37 range, up from $3.08 just a month ago.

“This week alone one of the branded racks went up 21 cents a gallon,” said Joe Choquette of the Vermont Petroleum Association.

Choquette says different terminals with different prices and in some cases different products explain what’s behind a wide range of per-gallon costs across the country.

“Different areas of the country refine different kinds and grades of crude oil, and the grades that are refined in the West and the Midwest have been abundant,” Choquette said.

It’s little relief back at home for folks who are tired of the explanations and want to pay less.

“It’s tough, but you’ve got to put gas in the car to go some place, so, and you got to work,” Gomez said.

However, the price for gas has been about the same for most of the winter.

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