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Worst, Best Jobs For 2012

04/12/2021 10:41 PM ET

More than 200 of the worst and best jobs have been ranked by CareerCast based on skill level, stress, and the 2012 expected salary range. Some of these positions are dangerous, such as being a lumber jack for a salary of $32,114, to low physical risks such as computer programming for $88,142.

Worst Jobs 2012

“Hazardous working conditions, a likelihood of breaking or losing a limb on the job, and poor hiring prospects because of low demand for lumber due to less construction,” says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com.

2nd worst job to have in 2012 is dairy farming according to the list, mainly due to the long hours and working with large unpredictable animals. “Dairy farmers work outdoors in all weather conditions and all hours, with very large animals that step on their feet and break limbs,” Lee says. “Plus, they compete with corporate dairy producers so earnings are down.”

Third worst job was being in the military due to the fact they place their lives on the line daily. “They are away from home for long stretches of time and with the draw-down, many are being pushed out of the military even though they want to make it a career,” Lee says.

“The top-rated jobs have few physical demands, minimal stress, a good working environment and a strong hiring outlook,” said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report.

The best job to have because of the low physical risk and good pay is computer programming. The field offers a midrange income of $88,142, according to CareerCast.

Actuaries provide expert assessments of financial security systems, with a focus on their complexity, their mathematics, and their mechanisms, and they ranked second as the best job to have in 2012 because the high demand for them. Human resource managers were ranked as the third best job to have.

Our next segment will include the top 10 best and worst jobs for 2012 with a breakdown of why they ranked.


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