Chevy Hybrid Volt Uses Hybrid Revolutionary Propulsion System

General Motors Corp calls the 2010 Chevy Volt a new Extended-Range Electric Vehicle which can deliver up to 40 miles of driving on a single battery charge. This means that if drivers commute only 40 miles a day, they don’t use any gasoline and produce zero emissions. The eco-friendly car has surprised analysts since it can drive on a single charge no matter if city or highway.

“For up to 40 miles, the drive – no matter if city or highway – will have essentially zero tailpipe emissions. This is really important for improved air quality in the areas where we drive,” a GM spokesperson said.

The GM Volt hybrid was designed to move more than 75 percent of America’s daily commuters without a single drop of gas. This is an amazing revelation that a future electric automobile could meet most daily travel needs without foreign oil dependency. GM says that the United States is currently using 96 percent of dependent petroleum for cars and trucks and more than half of it is imported.

Each automaker is using a different method and technic to deliver fuel efficiency for drivers. Unlike traditional electric cars, the hybrid car has a revolutionary propulsion system that takes the driver beyond the power of a battery. It uses a lithium-ion battery with a gasoline-powered motor which can be used to create renewable energy for the automobile.

Chevy Volt Hybrid Cars Will Use Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Technology In 2010

Just imagine, if you will, a car that can meet your daily travel needs without using one drop of gas. A real vehicle to meet transportation needs that can offer zero foreign oil dependency while promoting zero carbon emissions. It seems as though the Volt will do all of that, and possibly more.

The electric car revolution is taking place, and the major players are General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and soon others will follow. The thought that someone could drive 15 miles to work, then 5 miles to the grocery store, then 5 miles to the post office, then 15 miles back to home on one single battery charge is remarkable. Moreover, the eco-friendly vehicle will automatically recharge itself if it happens to run out our electric power.

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