GM Volt Battery Details

GM Lithium-ion Battery Specifications For Chevy Volt

We all know that the Chevy Volt will soon be released in late 2010, but what are the details regarding the battery? Well, the battery is a lithium-ion type and is manufactured at a plant in Michigan. However, the actual cells for the lithium-ion are made by LG Chem, which is based in South Korea.

While the cells are outsourced, GM does all the manufacturing here in the United States. This involves the Chevy Volt lithium-ion design itself, development and vehicle integration. GM claims that it has been working on its electric car development for more than 15 years.

The Chevrolet Volt lithium-ion is used to power the electric motor on the automobile. The vehicle can be powered at low or high speeds for up to 40 miles without using a drop of gasoline. The plug-in electric car is designed for commuters who drive less than 40 miles per day. However, there are other ways to extend this transportation.

For example, if your workplace involves a one way commute of about 40 miles, you can still recharge the electric storage device by using any standard outlet. This means that you could achieve a two-way commute, totaling 80 miles, without using gasoline. In addition, utility companies around the country are adding public charging stations at supermarkets and fast food chains. Some of the companies involved are Walmart and McDonalds.

If the electric motor runs out of juice, the GM Chevy Volt will operate on a small combustion gas engine. The gas engine will also generate electricity to recharge the lithium-ion. Personally, I would feel more comfortable having a gas engine, just in case I couldn’t locate a public outlet.

We might be years away from seeing these new public charging stations in your local neighborhood, but experts suggest that a few metropolitan areas will get them first. It will be common to see these public outlets located near parking spaces. These stations are small and include a plug-in cord for electric vehicle owners to plug-in and recharge.

Another interesting note to mention is that new software is being installed in plug-in electric vehicles. This software is used for car owners to pay for the electric subscription service. The GM Volt will have this option located on its display console. It will cost anywhere between $0.75 to $2.00, depending on peak or non-peak hours, to fully charge the vehicle.

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