Comcast Debuts U2 Exclusive HD Music On Demand

Comcast has partnered with rock band U2 to offer its cable subscribers HD On Demand music. The company is offering the new HD music videos for free.

Comcast Corp is debuting an exclusive HD On Demand music featuring rock band U2. Cable subscribers can access the new HD music video from the band’s twelve album for free. The on-demand video collection can be found under the “Top Picks” and then the “U2 HD” category.

“Our customers watch 50-60 million music videos a month On Demand, or 20-25 videos per second every day, and they love U2 so this is our gift to them,” said Derek Harrar, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Services for Comcast, said in a statement.

Comcast debuts On Demand new hit single by U2.

Some of the on-demand videos feature rare footage including concerts and music videos for the first time in high-definition television. Customers can watch the new hit single “Get On Your Boots” which has been added to the HD collection. Music is one of the most popular categories of On Demand viewing.

“We make the best pop culture content available… it doesn’t get any better than this,” Harrar said.

On Demand viewing is growing and the cable company plans to expand its music offerings across a wide range of music genres. Comcast On Demand also offers blockbuster movies and new television series. The HD packages also include sports and TV programming from a variety of networks.

Customers view more than 300 million On Demand programs each month.

The service also contains more than 10,000 programs for kids and family entertainment. Comcast customers view more than 300 million On Demand programs each month. There are more than 1,000 choices in HD available at any time.

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