Dennis Hopper Cancer

Dennis Hopper Cancer Worsens and Now He’s Filing For Divorce From Wife Victoria

Dennis Hopper’s cancer is spreading, according to several media outlets. In fact, there are reports that the legendary actor is losing his battle with prostate cancer. Insiders close to the situation say that he also filed for divorce last Friday from his wife of 14 years.

Dennis Hopper Cancer

Hopper has been known to be crazy earlier in his acting career, but the divorce seems no different. It just doesn’t make any sense. Who makes that kind of decision if you’re dying? Moreover, why would he be focused on the divorce and not the cancer?

Cancer is a very bad thing, especially the kind that is life threatening. However, this cancer has led to another cancer, which is upsetting his friends and family about the divorce, according to insiders. On the one hand, he’s taking “enormous amounts of medication,” which can easily affect his decision making.

Although the reasoning is foggy, it’s unfolded as a pretty shocking turn of events to many personal friends since there have been no recent reports of problems between the two until now. Perhaps more will come out, and, if so, will clear up such a ridiculously confusing and crappy situation. Until then, Hopper’s decision just doesn’t make any sense.

Victoria Hopper is also the mom to Dennis’ youngest daughter. He has three other kids, two who live with him at his residence in Venice. At this point, his children stand to inherit everything when the divorce is final.

Heartbreaking Controversy And Drama

It’s kind of heartbreaking that someone’s cancer and possible death is now clouded by such controversy and drama. He’s had a successful life, although he almost ruined it in the early years of his acting career. There is much to grieve if Hopper dies from cancer, but now his wife will have a lot more grieving to do if this divorce goes through.

Dennis Hopper first found out that he had cancer in 2002. However, he was admitted to the hospital last October with “severe flu-like symptoms.” He immediately underwent treatment at the University of Southern California, but it was then when doctors informed him that the cancer had spread. Hopper is 73 year old.

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