Dr Phil Divorce Not True

Weekend buzz suggest the McGraw couple are near divorce.

Dr Phil divorce and marital problems with wife Robin are not true.

There’s been a lot of talk on the Web this weekend that Dr. Phil McGraw is having marital problems with wife, Robin McGraw.

Dr Phil Divorce Not True

The report first surfaced from the Globe’s Website which said:

“Dr. Phil Divorce Blow-up! TV shrink Dr. Phil makes a living dishing out advice to others – but now, he may be in need of some himself to save his own marriage – as insiders reveal he’s flying into jealous rages over his wife Robin. GLOBE’s sources bare the shocking details of Dr. Phil’s marriage crisis.”

We dug out our list of contacts and found a number to a close friend of Robin McGraw who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

We noted the GLOBE’s story and immediately her initial response was laughter, “Are you kidding me? Now that’s funny.” The friend then telephoned the couple and confirmed that the divorce claims are false.

Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw have been married for 31 years. The couple has two sons Jay, 28, and Jordan, 21.

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