Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Hybrid Electric Car

Toyota is working on a solar-powered Hybrid electric car, according to recent reports. The vehicle is powered by solar panel mounted on its roof.

A recent report from Japan’s Nikkeu newspaper suggests that Toyota is working on a Hybrid electric car that could use solar-power for charging its batteries. While the method is possible, experts say it will be difficult to consume enough energy from solar methods to power an electric car.

There are other solar-powered methods used such as outdoor lamps which get their energy from the sun during the day and use it at night. However, using the same technology to power a Hybrid electric car is still several years away.

However, it’s possible that Toyota found a way, which we don’t know yet. Solar energy could charge limited batteries to run dashboard functions like car headlights, radio and windshield wipers. Toyota was unavailable for comment.

Hybrid is the new trend to power new electric vehicles. Most car manufactures plan to release their own versions of the electric technology next year. Some companies include General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler and Toyota.

Rumor of a car getting its energy from a rooftop solar panel first started in July 2008. There were speculations that Toyota would offer such a method on its next generation Prius.

One thing we do know is that Toyota has been using solar panels at its Tsutsumi plant in central Japan. The plant produces its own electricity.

Another interesting revelation is the new relationship between Panasonic Corp and Sanyo Inc. Panasonic supplies Toyota with is Hybrid batteries. Moreover, Panasonic is acquiring Sanyo Inc which is a leader in solar technology.

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