Chevy Volt will be available in 2010 to compete in the growing number of new electric cars.

The Chevy Volt is expected to enter the market next year to offer consumers a new electric vehicle. General Motors Corp has been quiet on the forefront about this electric car, but it is no surprise since the automaker is currently in bankruptcy protection. Much of its inventory and flagship cars are being sold to other car manufacturers.

Chevy Volt is labeled as a plug-in electric car that has gone through several prototypes. While General Motors does not call this a Hybrid Vehicle, they insist that it’s a new extended-range automobile. Earlier specifications state that the plug-in car can achieve up to 50 miles on a single battery charge, but recent statements indicate that the vehicle could go farther, perhaps up to 100 miles between recharges.

General Motors Corp has been very secretive when it comes to its Volt. After all, it’s supposed to be its grand prize to conquer the electric car market. While the specifications are a bit sketchy, we do know a few features that are currently in the latest pre-production model.

The GM Volt includes a battery pack known as the E-Flex platform. This is the single element that everything in the car is built around. More recently, General Motors added a rear seat power outlet which highlights its importance.

Chevy Volt features double control screens that display various information about the automobile including a battery charge level and fuel economy gauge. GM designers gave this car a high-tech look and feel with a seven-inch LCD screen behind its steering wheel. It comes with another seven-inch display that uses touchscreen commands to control the internal climate, entertainment, and power status.

In addition, the vehicle has a third screen if you opt for the GM external Nav unit that will provide a power outlet in the dashboard storage bin. No word on whether or not you’ll need a stylus to push on one screen to control the action on the other, although we think it’s using full touch-screen technology.

The GM Chevy Volt also has graphical door inserts, which provide extended light throughout the cabin. The automobile will offer a variety of colors and graphics at the time of purchase. The packages come standard, so there are no mix-and-match options available.

General Motors is hoping to rise from its financial problems next year as a new automaker. The Chevy Volt could be the first electric car to provide consumers a fuel-efficient alternative while helping the automaker compete in the growing hybrid market. It’s only a matter of time before we actually see the finished product at GM dealerships nationwide.