​Shanola Hampton Baby - Cai MyAnna​​

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March 8, 2021

A picture of Shanola Hampton’s baby has been posted to the public for the first time, from her social media accounts, and the actress admits that she has found true love with husband Daren Dukes after welcoming Cai MyAnna in January.

“6 weeks ago I found true love! Say hello to my baby, Cai Dukes! Thanks @BenFolds for the gorgeous photo,” the 36-year-old wrote.

The newborn is captured gazing into the camera in an understated black-and-white photograph. Cai is cuddled up in a plain white sheet, with her left hand wriggling away from the camera. Her expression is wide-eyed, and an adorable floral hairbow is seen snuggly wrapped around her tiny head.

The actress tweeted her excitement following the birth of her daughter back in January.

“I thought I knew love before, but now I know love on a completely different level! Can’t believe my baby is here,” The Shameless star exclaimed.

New parents Hampton and Duke, a producer of The Dallas Cowboys Show, were married in 2000.

“We never knew how much was missing from our life until our baby girl arrived. So blessed, so overjoyed, pure bliss,” the couple explained to People following the birth in January.

On top of the recently renewed Shameless series, the South Carolina also has a new film coming out, Suburban Gothic.

The film follows Raymond (Matthew Gray Gubler), an unemployed, MBA-yielding ghost channeler who attempts to solve a mystery of a spirit when he moves back home.

Hampton’s film is expected to be released sometime in 2014.