​Actor Johannes Heesters Quits Smoking 106

Actor Johannes Heesters quits smoking 106. At age 106, actor Johannes Heesters quits smoking, and he did it for love. Not many people can kick the habit for love, but he did it.

“I did it for love, for my wonderful wife,” Johannes Heesters, who is better known as “Jopie” in Germany where he has spent most of his 90-year career, said in a statement. “She should have me as long as possible.” The actor has been married to actress Simone Rethel, 61, since 1992.

Johannes Heesters said he quit somking three weeks ago. He is best known for roles in the films “Die Fledermaus” (1946) and “The Moon Is Blue” (1953). The actor has spent most of his life in Germany.

Heesters is controversial in his homeland of the Netherlands. This is because he used to perform for Adolf Hitler and Nazi guards at the Dachau concentration camp in the 1930s. Decades later he apologized for his relationship with the Nazis.

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