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November 21, 2021

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Adam Levine rips Taylor Swift over her controversial decision to remove her music from Spotify, but others disagree because it’s a move to protect artists.

Fans are taking note after what he said when asked what he thought of the pop singer’s decision to remove her music from Spotify, according to the Examiner. His response wasn’t quite good, and this happened after everyone thought the two were friends. He basically dissed her during an interview.

“Music is for everyone. I don’t care how anybody obtains it as long as they get it and enjoy and love it … Music should be able to be wherever it is. That’s how I feel.”

Adam Levine emphasized that as long as consumers are “supporting the artist in some way,” they should be able to access music how they choose. Most fans would argue that all music should be free because the artist earns money on ticket sales at concerts. However, the recording industry won’t accept that, even if new technology is being used to distribute music.

As Adam Levine rips Taylor Swift, she previously served as a key advisor to each of the coaches during the seventh season of “The Voice.” During her brief appearance on the show, Swift and Levine were often exchanging playful banters with each other. The 24-year-old country singer-turned-pop superstar also once teased Levine about his aversion to show tunes.

Offering his opinion on Swift’s decision to pull all of her music off the streaming service she has said devalues art, Blake Shelton defended his former country colleague, echoing a skepticism held by other Nashville artists like Jason Aldean, according to The Inquisitr.

I know Spotify’s in kind of an experimental phase, changing with the industry, and I can see why she did that. I don’t disagree with her and I know a lot of artists have followed suit. When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to say ‘That’s Taylor Swift — why is she so worried about money?’ But when you talk about other writers and songwriters on the album who aren’t Taylor Swift, it hits them pretty hard. I don’t disagree with her at all.”

Blake Shelton added that while he understands where people are coming from in thinking Taylor Swift makes enough money to warrant leaving her music up for the sake of fans, he sees it more along the lines of taking a stand for artists who are truly affected by the low sales garnered by Spotify streams. Swift hasn’t said anything about the feud.

Adam Levine said that as long as the listener is still “supporting the artist in some way,” it shouldn’t matter how the music itself is obtained. That seems to be up for debate when you listen to what Blake Shelton says. Foo Fighters frontman and all-around rock legend Dave Grohl also agrees with Levine.

“I want people to hear our music … I don’t care if you pay $1 or f***ing $20 for it, just listen to the f***ing song.”

While Adam Levine rips Taylor Swift over her Spotify decision, the real problem is record distribution. Technology has wiped out the purpose of a “record company” because an artist can record digital and distribute it immediate (and faster) to fans. Levine and Dave Grohl argue that if people like the music, they will pay for a concert ticket to see their show, notes Popcrush.