​Adam Richman Weight Loss Advice, Pointers​​

September 16, 2021

Adam Richman, known as the Man versus Food star, gives a few pointers and advice from years of challenges after he tackled weight loss using an ambitious approach. The TV star even walked a group of food writers of the process of preparing hamburger.

It started as he pointed to the burger and tells the writers to “cut it up like a pizza pie… You want it in manageable chunks, and you must eat the hot bits first: trust me when I say that cold chips and cold meat are much less palatable than cold bread or tomatoes.”

Richman knows what he’s talking about because he recently lost 60 pounds. He may have lost many battles against high-calorie foods, but he won the war when he retired. He lost the weight by cutting back on white flour and diary, and stepping up his exercise routine.

He also warned against drinking water, lest it make the bread swell inside the challengers’ stomachs. “Chew on a tomato instead if you’re thirsty,” he advised.

There’s also a fair amount of discipline involved, given the nature of his day job. On a recent road trip, according to People, the crew ordered pizza for a meal and Richman had to satisfy himself with Greek yogurt, raw almonds, water and iced coffee.

But one thing Richman hasn’t lost is his appreciation for good food.

“Man v. Food was the biggest career-defining opportunity,” he tells People. “I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries.”

The Food star definitely knows what he’s talking about.