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Ali Lohan Is Ridiculously Thin And Pale Photos

04/28/2012 07:36 PM ET

If you look at the recent photos of Ali Lohan, she looks ridiculously thin, especially when the paparazzi snapped a few images of her favorite brightly colored top as she got a healthy snack from a juice stand in Los Angeles.

Linday’s little sister is an aspiring model who has a lot of potential in the fashion industry, but Ali has lost a lot of weight, which is already having an impact on her appearance.

A recent photo has made its journey on the web showing her in high platform boots, and it appeared as if it was all skin and bones underneath her tight jeans as she wore a baggy shirt to cover up skinny figure, which only made her appearance more extreme.

Last year, she became a target by the tabloids who reported on her rapid weight loss and plastic surgery, but she denied the cosmetic surgery and said the weight is normal, even though her health was called into question.

“She just keeps getting smaller and smaller. At what point will her parents tell her that enough is enough?,” Nutritionist Rania Batayneh said in a statement.

“She isn’t doing it because it is a psychological issue. She is doing it because she wants to be a model,” her father, Michael Lohan, stated.

The Daily Mail reports that Lohan is considering a full time move to the east coast to New York City.

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