Amanda Bynes Draws Jennie Garth Response After Public Meltdown

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10/21/2012 01:02 PM ET

Amanda Bynes doesn't have a lot of fans right now that can side with her for repeated run-ins with the law, but Jennie Garth revealed that she attempted to reach out to former "What I Like About You" co-star in the wake of the young actress's meltdown, but to no avail.

"I tried reaching out to her and I haven't been able to reach her," Garth told Us Weekly of Bynes at ELLE's Women in Hollywood event on Monday. "My heart feels for whatever she is going through and I love her dearly."

Garth and Bynes co-starred on the WB series "What I Like About You" from 2002 to 2006. Garth played Val Tyler, the older sister of Bynes' Holly Tyler.

Back in 2003, Garth and Bynes sat down with Sharon Osbourne to talk about their sitcom and their friendship. "We've just always gotten along, sort of like sisters," Garth said. "From the very beginning, we've just had a really great chemistry together." Bynes added, "Good connection. So, thank God... I can't imagine not liking you."

The troubled 26-year-old actress has reportedly ostracized not only Garth, but also many other people who were once close to her, including her parents. "Amanda shut them out and isn't speaking to them," a source previously told Us Weekly.

Yahoo! TV notes that if a Hollywood star suffers a meltdown, it is not uncommon for him or her to reach out to a fellow celebrity.

Rapper Eminem contacted Elton John when he was struggling with substance abuse, saying, "When I first wanted to get sober, I called him, because he's somebody in the business who can relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be." Mel Gibson allegedly helped Britney Spears after her breakdown. Lindsay Lohan admitted that Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels helped her overcome an eating disorder while on the set of "Mean Girls."

Bynes' "meltdown" began back in March 2010, when rumors spread that the former Nickelodeon star was fired from the Farrelly brothers' "Hall Pass" for strange behavior. In June 2010, she announced her retirement and from there a DUI arrest and odd actions led to mounting concern for the young starlet.

On Monday, Bynes pleaded not guilty to two counts of driving with a suspended license.

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Amanda Bynes Draws Jennie Garth Response After Public Meltdown

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