​Bynes No Show For Court Hearing In Burbank​​

Amanda Bynes skips her court appearance in Burbank, California, for a pre-trial hearing regarding two misdemeanor charges for driving without a license.

Instead her attorney, Richard Hutton, was there in her place, and he asked the judge for a continuance, which was granted. The next hearing has been set for May 9 and Bynes will likely not be there for that, either.

Bynes’ license was suspended last September after she was arrested for DUI and had multiple hit-and-runs in just a matter of months. Even so, she continued to drive until police eventually pulled her over at the airport after she drove aimlessly around a valet parking area for 90 minutes.

Since then, the “retired” actress has been living in New York City, where she has still been raising eyebrows … except now, just not behind the wheel of a car.

On Monday, Bynes, 26, was photographed walking around the city with her blond hair dyed what appears to be pink … or perhaps a faded red.

The new color, which looks a lot like the same hue from her April 2012 mug shot, must have been done at home because when she turned around to check herself out in a store’s window, the back of her head revealed blond patches. At least Bynes was dressed somewhat appropriately for the cold weather wearing a hooded jacket … and Adidas sandals with white socks.