Amouranth Accuses Husband Of Threatening Her? Everything You Need To Know

Amouranth Accuses Husband Of Threatening Her & Everything You Need To Know

Amouranth, the twitch tv star, has once again appeared on the news, and this time she is seen talking about her husband and how he is abusing her and also making her stream against her will. To be honest, we cannot be sure if there’s any truth to it or if it’s all just a scam to get her some sympathy and money from her intelligent fans.

According to Insider, Amouranth had a conversation on the phone with her husband in a recent live broadcast. The clip is now deleted where her husband can be heard ranting at her. She accuses him of threatening to harm her dogs. On Saturday, she cried out that her spouse was manipulating and abusing her.

Amouranth, whose actual name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, claims her unnamed spouse has compelled her to keep streaming, threatened to harm her pets, and also has taken control of her funds and personal bank accounts.

Amouranth Accuses Husband Of Threatening Her? True Or Not

Amouranth is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch right now, having over 5.9 million followers. Any news or reports made by her will surely catch anyone’s attention, and she recently revealed that she has a husband who is threatening her.

Amouranth announced her marital status during a live Twitch stream on Saturday while conversing on the phone with her husband. The stream’s video has since been pulled from her Twitch channel, but snippets of it are still circulating online.

Let’s take a look at her conversation, which everyone heard, and see if it’s true or not.

There are various clips in which we can see all the drama, and in one scene, Amouranth asks her husband, “Why did you say you were going to kill my dogs?” The man on the call answers, “leave the house,” before insulting her.

“What exactly are you saying?” In the footage, she responds. “You just threatened to murder my pets if I didn’t perform a 24-hour Livestream.”

In the short clip, she states that her spouse would not let her notify her viewers that she was married and also that “our relationship would be better if we simply broadcasted it.”

“You want me to tell them I’m single, and it’s likely to happen,” Amouranth states in the video clip.

“The therapist even warned him it’s a sort of emotional torture and that I’m effectively living in a fancy prison,” she can also be heard saying this.

After Amouranth raised the charges of abuse against her husband, several other prominent streamers came out and backed her online. In a YouTube recording, popular World of Warcraft player and streamer Asmongold stated that he “hopes she gets away from that man.”

A Little About Amouranth’s Career

Amouranth started her journey on Twitch in 2016 with a concentration on cosplaying. More recently, her channel has grown to 5.9 million followers on Twitch and now includes anything from video game streaming to Just Chatting video content.

According to Stream Charts, she is the most-watched Twitch streamer of the year. She is also quite popular on OnlyFans and earns a lot of money from the platform. She is also active on platforms such as Patreon, Instagram, Twitter, Fansly, and Snapchat.

Amouranth works tirelessly to keep these many routes open. She stated to Business Insider in August that she had only ten days off in the past few years. She often broadcasts for extended periods of time. Amouranth tweeted in July a picture showing her monthly income from March to July 2022, which averaged well over $1.5 million per month.

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