Actor Ashton Kutcher Rumors on Alleged Cheating Scandal Continues

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 23, 2021

Ashton Kutcher Rumors

Ashton Kutcher rumors about an alleged cheating scandal continues. The rumors of Kutcher and Brittney Jones just won't go away. Despite the rumors, Demi Moore stands by her man who denies the affair with Jones.

Despite a recent Star report that Ashton Kutcher cheated on wife of five years Demi Moore, the couple presented a united front at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in NYC Thursday.

The spouses, who spoke on behalf of their "Real Men" campaign against child sex slavery, showed no signs of marital tension throughout the press conference. And as they sat with clasped hands, Moore, 47, flashed her wedding ring to the audience.

Last week, a lawyer for Kutcher, 32, shot down rumors of any infidelities on his client's behalf.

"Star Magazine continuously publishes lies about Ashton Kutcher and many other celebrities," attorney Marty Singer said in a statement. "This is not the first, nor will it be the last time they engage in reckless conduct."

Brittany Jones Photos

Kutcher's alleged mistress has a history of being a party girl. Photos were recently taken by her ex-boyfriend while she was either drunk or sleep. Now the tabloid circus is buying up all the photos.

No one knows why, for sure, but so far Ashton Kutcher sounds like an innocent victim of all this. If true, what a horrible thing to do to someone, celebrity or not. If all the rumors about Brittany Jones is true, then this girl needs a lot of help.