August 2011 List Of Famous Celebrity Quotes

09/04/2021 09:18 AM ET

This is the August 2011 list of celebrity quotes from Moammar Gadhafi losing power in Libya to the tobacco companies suing the federal government over labels.

While there are many quotes from various celebrities, the one that stands out the most if from President Obama. “This much is clear: The Gadhafi regime is coming to an end. The future of Libya is in the hands of its people.” Obama spoke as the rebels attempted to end the Libyan dictator’s four-decade reign in Tripoli.

Tobacco warning labels: “Never before in the United States have producers of a lawful product been required to use their own packaging and advertising to convey an emotionally-charged government message urging adult consumers to shun their products.” Four tobacco companies filed a lawsuit over graphic labels the FDA is requiring on their cigarette packs.

Jim Thome: “You dream about it but when it finally happens it’s kind of surreal.” The Minnesota Twins’ designated hitter slugged his way into the record books with home run No. 600.

Stolen Rembrandt sketch: “When the curator turned back to the Rembrandt, it was gone.” The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recovered a stolen sketch a few days after it was stolen from the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Adam Levine: “C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break.” The lead singer of a Grammy-winning pop/rock group and co-host of “The Voice” criticized “American Idol” for its treatment of gay contestants.

August was bizarre for headline quotes. Each celebrity was probably affected by the hot summer temperatures. It seems like 2011 has been one of the hottest years in decades.

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