​Baby Boom Twins Reboot Hit TV Comedy On Today Show

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June 18, 2021

The Baby Boom house might be empty, but the twins are all grown up, as seen on the Today show after they made their first appearance in more than 20 years. The twins talk about starring as Diane Keanton’s baby.

Appearing with their parents, they noted that they were only a year-old when they were featured in the Charles Shyer film about a working woman who inherits a child. The Baby Boom movie also featured Sam Shepard and Harold Ramis.

When did the twins know they were the subject of the Baby Boom hit comedy? “In elementary school, when our teachers knew we were in it, and our friends when we started to get a little bit older,” said Michelle, while Kristina added, “It was more their parents telling them, ‘Oh, you’re going to the Baby Boom house!’ ”

Their mother shared that they were told about the open call by her sister, who heard about it on a radio station. Among more than 60 sets of twins, the Kennedy girls were the first to audition for the five-month shoot, thanks to a toy.

“There was a makeshift toy area where one of the casting agents was playing with Kristina, and the ball rolled right into the adjacent room where the producers and directors were,” said the twins’ father, explaining the Baby Boom transition. “Sure enough, they said, ‘Show them in!’ ”

The twins said they met Keaton again at a book signing, when they were in college. They didn’t tell the actress they were coming, and asked her to sign a photo of them with her, and she noted that she was thinking of “these girls” recently.

“She looked to sign it, she looks at us, she looks at the picture, and she was like, ‘No!’ ” laughed Michelle. “She put it together, and when she realized, she gave us a big hug. It was exciting.”

The Today segment follows the morning show’s catch-up with twins Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich, who played Mary in Leonard Nimoy’s 1987 hit, Three Men and a Baby, starring Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and Tom Selleck.