​Baby On Runway, Koko Anderson Takes ‘Infant’ To Phoenix Airport​​

Koko Nicole Anderson decided to drive her baby on the runway at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, but she claims that she was unaware that the two-month-old infant was even in the car.

Anderson busted through a Sky Harbor gate Thursday night that took her onto an active airport runway, which several airlines use for landing. Police were there within two minutes, and they found KoKo Nicole Anderson, 21, with a pacifier in her mouth and the infant in the back seat. She was arrested on suspicion of aggravated DUI as well as criminal damage.

Anderson told police she didn’t know her son was in the car, and she didn’t realize she was at the airport. Police believe she was high on something, but at the time of the incident they weren’t certain what substance she had been using.

The incident caused about $20,000 in damages and while operations at Sky Harbor were shut down for a few moments, flight schedules weren’t disrupted. The infant went from the runway to Child Protective Services.

“We don’t believe her intent was to harm here. We believe it’s impairment and poor decision making,” Sgt. Trent Crump said of the incident.

Officials at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport said they are investigating the security breach.