​Bachelor In Paradise Wedding: Reality Television Contestants Attend Wedding Officiated By Host Chris Harrison

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Aug, 4, 2015 | 10:27 AM

A Bachelor In Paradise wedding was underway Sunday night for the season two premiere of the reality TV show. Bachelor Marcus Grodd exchanged vows with Lacy Faddoul after the couple got engaged on the show last year, according to RumorFix.

The wedding was officiated by TV host Chris Harrison as Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul tied the knot in a surprise ceremony. The two contestants met during last season’s Bachelor in Paradise.

“You both came on the Bachelor and Bachelorette seeking the most important thing in the world - love,” Harrison told them. “Neither of you found it, but you were each given a second chance and you both came to paradise to seek out love again and there you found it. There were ups and downs, trials and tribulations and you’ve come through to this day, back in Mexico where it all began.”

Bachelor In Paradise wedding on reality TV

The Bachelor In Paradise wedding surprised this season’s contestants because they had not been warned of the ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye as Marcus and Lacy shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

“Seeing that wedding gave me hope,” said Jared Haibon, who was rejected by Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe just months earlier. “There’s nothing more than I’d like than to come back a year from now and get married to a girl I love.”

Bachelor Marcus and Bachelorette Lacy fell in love on the first season of and got engaged during the season finale. A wedding was soon planned after the pair declared their love for one another, although this time, they did gave their emotional vows in front of their family, friends.

“I still don’t feel I deserve you. You show me every day your strength and courage, and for that and many other reasons you are my greatest love,” Marcus, who wore a light grey suit, said.

The wedding was emotional when Lacy spoke. “The love that we share can’t possibly be defined by the words that we say today,” Lacy, who wore a figure-hugging white lace dress, told the Bachelor. “You’re so kind, caring and patient and as we embark on the sacred covenant I want you to know I’ll live every day to love you more than the one before.”

“They have such an amazing connection, you can literally feel it right now,” a tearful Ashley Salter said. Everyone clapped after the couple said “I do” — but it was Juelia Kinney who caught the bride’s bouquet.

“You’re next,” Lacy whispered to the delighted contestant.

The Bachelor In Paradise wedding brought happy tears, until the rose ceremony. The drama on this show is just starting as the previews promised.

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