​Scott Baio Return To “Arrested Development” On Netflix​​

By: | 04/28/2013 11:29 PM ET

Scott Baio has been absent on our TVs for quite awhile as he’s been occupied in raising his family, but now he is about to return to the upcoming season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix.

Baio Return

“What happens with [Executive Producer] Mitch Hurwitz is you don’t know anything,” the actor told Access Hollywood’s Laura Saltman as she visited him on the set of his Nickelodeon show “See Dad Run.” “He gave me a page and then another page and that was it.”

Scott plays Bob Loblaw on the series — an attorney, who has represented the Bluth family — and is famed on the show for his legal television advertisements.

“I actually did one episode,” Scott said of his presence in the upcoming Season 4, premiering May 26 on Netflix. “I was surprised to be called back because the character’s really just a name. I didn’t even really know what the name was until we started working, a couple of years ago, on it.”

Scott is currently busy on his show “See Dad Run,” where he plays David Hobbs, a former television star, who after his show ended is trying to adjust to life — at home — with his family.

Shot on the old “Happy Days” stage, Scott said the episode he was filming when Access’ Laura stopped by involves his TV daughter going to the prom.

“My [own] daughter’s 5 so I have a good 10 or 11 years before that happens, but the episode is really about Emily, played by Ryan Newman, finding a dress, which I’m told is a very big moment in the life of a woman and dresses, I know, are very important in the lives of my [family of] women and it’s about she and I connecting and I don’t really know how to connect with her,” he said.

There was a rumor that Baio would return to Reality TV, but sources say that he wanted to keep his family life private.