Becks Web Blaze Site

By: Bill Waters
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 1, 2021

Becks web Blaze site launches in the midst of a successful "Restoring Honor" rally.

Glenn Becks web Blaze site. Glenn Beck is expanding his media empire to include a news and opinion website called The Blaze. Beck launched The Blaze to cover the successful "Restoring Honor" rally., edited by Scott Baker, launched Monday night. Baker was formerly of Breitbart TV and host of "The B-Cast." According to Baker, it is "a place where you can find breaking news, original reporting, insightful opinions and engaging videos about the stories that matter most."

Beck stated that the website "will be about current news -- and more. It's not just politics and policy. It's looking for insight, wherever we find it. We'll examine our culture, deal with matters of faith and family, and we won't be afraid of a history lesson."

In addition to the new website, he is the host of the Glenn Beck Program on Fox News Channel, the host of a nationally syndicated talk-radio show, an author of six New York Times-bestselling books and the founder of Mercury Radio Arts. In 2009, Beck earned $32 million through a mix of books, radio, TV, digital media, and speaking fees.

The 46-year-old was frustrated with the way the media covered his "Restoring Honor" rally this weekend. "Too many times we see mainstream media outlets distorting facts to fit rigid agendas," he wrote. "Not that you've ever heard me complain about the media before. Okay, maybe once or twice. But there comes a time when you have to stop complaining and do something. And so we decided to hire some actual journalists to launch a new website," Glenn Beck wrote on The Blaze.