​Benny The Bull Kiss Cam: Boyfriend Yells On Cam Inside Arena

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January 5, 2021

The Benny the Bull kiss cam prank featured a woman who gets turned down by her boyfriend once the camera zooms in on them. But this Boston Celtics mascot swoops in, smacks him on the head, and chivalrously escorts her out of the arena, according to the Huffington Post. Witnesses at the arena thought it was classic.

“The boyfriend was angry and talking on the phone as she was trying to warn him about the cam.”

The unidentified couple sat in the third-row to watch the Chicago Bulls last Saturday night. Advertisers and enterprising pranksters love to use the spot for a memorable joke, but this one was the best. The macho mascot move was the talk of the internet.

“Benny took over a bad situation at the right time and made it cool.”

A Benny the Bull kiss cam prank has been used before for less romantic purposes. People are shown throughout the game from eating snacks to dancing in the aisles, according to the Bleacher Report. The screen is often used for replays.

The boyfriend was talking on the phone while his girlfriend tapped on the shoulder and pointed to the screen. But the he was upset with her, telling her, “I’m on the phone” as she was trying to get his attention. After he yelled at her, the mascot walked up, hit him on the head, and carried away his girlfriend.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from closely watching NBA mascots through the years, it’s that you never want to mess with Benny the Bull. Which may explain the passive reaction from the Celtics fans. I’m sure the boyfriend got teased after his video was paraded on the social media networks.

This Benny the Bull kiss cam incident is by far the best. I can’t imagine being in his spot at the arena, notes The Frisky. Maybe next time, he’ll listen to his girlfriend about the cam.

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