​Bieber Tattoo: Singer Faces $2,000 Fine Without License​​

By: | 04/06/2021 01:59 PM ET

Bieber Tattoo - The singer enjoys the tattoo phenomena, so much that he gave a tattoo to a celebrity ink artist, but now Bieber faces a possible fine of $2,000 for holding the needle without a license.

The pop star inked up last June with New York tattoo artist Bang Bang — real name Keith McCurdy — and got the word “Believe,” a reference to his album, inked on his arm. In an apparent exchange, Bieber gave McCurdy a tattoo of a muscular mouse with the word “swaggy.”

According to the New York Daily News, the New York City Health Department isn’t happy about it, and Bieber may have to pay for his artistic endeavor. McCurdy has let newbie celebrities ink him before, and has tattoos by Katy Perry, Chris Brown, NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire and others.

The news is the latest in a string of Bieber items. The 19-year-old singer was told this week that he has one month to pick up his pet monkey from German customs after the creature was detained for lack of paperwork.

Also, Bieber last month fainted backstage at a London show, started another London show two hours late, threatened a photographer, vented on Twitter, canceled a gig in Portugal, and penned an open letter railing against comparisons of him to Lindsay Lohan all in the past month.

Bieber is also accused of attacking one of his neighbors, and police are currently investigating the incident.