​Big Brother Eviction: ‘Big Brother’ Gets Double Eviction Crazy​​

August 9, 2021

The Big Brother cast faced a double eviction Thursday that all happened in one hour, and things got a bit crazy. As expected, Candice was eliminated in the first eviction ceremony and afterwards, host Julie Chen told the houseguests that the MVP twist was over.

That meant the next HOH would put up the only two people facing eviction. After a trivia competition, that new HOH turned out to be Aaryn.

She was clearly making moves to not jeopardize her position in the game with the people running the house, and so she allowed consensus to make her picks for her. And thus, Spencer and Jessie were on the block. But then, Aaryn won the POV and took Jessie off. As a replacement, the house decided that Judd was playing the game too hard, and so Aaryn put him up. He was eliminated in a landslide that left him flabbergasted and confused as to what had happened.

This doesn’t mean the show was without the abhorrent behavior viewers have come to expect this season on “Big Brother,” though. Candice’s “save me” speech was particularly venomous — she called out then-HOH GinaMarie for throwing her under the bus this week, and GinaMarie was more than willing to fight with her over it.

The ladies were so out of line that Chen couldn’t even regain control of the situation. She basically just told Spencer that he was up — and could do his best to give his speech over the raging argument.

“That is a very tough act to follow,” Spencer said. He was up for eviction both times on Thursday, and escaped twice. As for Candice and Judd, Chen said that they became the first two members of the jury, and they might see an opportunity to get back into the game.

Judd told Chen that the person running the house seems to be Helen.